MJ Live Featured in: What’s ON

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MJ Live get’s many applause as and lot’s of kudos as What’s On writes: “When lookalike Michael Firestone takes the stage, they know they’ll get what they came for.”  “Firestone’s startlingly Jackson-like voice on display, MJ Live! fills the void that the King of Pop’s early death left in the hearts and minds of his many fans.”

In an interview with Michael Firestone you see the candid nature of this Michael Jackson impersonator, He really does not think of himself as a “bigger deal” than he really is. When asked how his appreciation for Michael Jackson turned into a career? He answers, “I didn’t ever really plan on it. I just learned to dance to try to make friends in elementary school. Then, over the years, I got [more] attention from dancing and started entering talent shows and winning. My voice naturally sounded kind of like his and I saw a couple tributes in my teens and decided to give it a shot.”

Such a refreshing humility from this talented Michael Jackson tribute artist!

In a discussion about how much Michael Firestone sounds like MJ, Firestone states, ” No one will ever replace him. I am happy if I come 15% as close. He was like Superman. Batman can never be Superman.”

When you come out to the show you will love the singing and dancing in this live performance that truly rocks and gives tribute to the King of POP. In this inspirational performer the legend of Michael Jackson truly lives on!

Read the entire article here: http://whats-on.com/article/dont-stop-til-you-get-enough/