Do you have a Michael Jackson story?

Dear MJ fans,

MJ FansWe have decided to do something very unique and fun.
Now accepting Michael Jackson stories, favorite songs of MJ, and MJ experiences.
So what is in it for you?
Simply by sharing your story and pics about a song that really impacted you, a concert you attended, or a meeting experience with MJ.
AND the story is selected to be featured as a guest post on our website, then….
  • We will reward you with 2 show tickets to attend MJ Live in Las Vegas!
  • Personal Autograph with our MJ Lead Talent
  • and other surprise gifts.
The rules of the promotion are simple.
  • We select from the best stories to guest post on our website
  • You agree to sharing the post to your social network
  • Judging on which stories are accepted is at our sole discretion
  • You agree that we have marketing rights to distribute and publish the story.
  • Travel cost and any other expenses are yours.
So simply put your story together along with any pics and your contact info.
Email us back here and we will respond within 48-72 hours to let you know if you were selected.
To have a better chance of being selected use these tips.
Share pics, dates, your age at the time, what, when, where, and how.
Good Luck,
MJ Live!